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We are a full-service painting company in the greater Los Angeles area. With over 15 years as a corporation, and 47 years of combined expertise in specialty commercial painting, Moorhouse Coating is equipped to meet the highest standards in our field. Licensed, insured, experienced and professional, we never take short cuts and we always finish on schedule.

  • Signage and Rebranding
  • General Painting
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Fireproofing and Intumescent
  • Densifiers
  • No VOC’s, Low Odor Applications
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings
  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Media Blasting
  • Elastomeric Paints
  • Waterproofing Coatings
  • Antimicrobial Coatings and Paints
  • Drywall Repair, Trim Repair, Wainscot, Bead, Base
  • Maintenance Painting
  • Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Pressure Washing


  • Ceiling Cleaning, Dry-fall Installation
  • Acoustic Paints, Acoustic Restoration
  • Light Reflection & Lumen Improvement
  • Pipe Painting
  • Immersion Service Coatings
  • Concrete Waterproofing & Substrate Repair
  • Industrial Cleaning

Painting Companies now offering specialty coatings, What's the difference?

Paint used to be sold in hardware stores and was frequently lumped together with glass suppliers. The reason for this was that the varieties of paint products was relatively limited and the difference between products was also not significant enough to warrant a separate sales avenue. But with the advent of multiple paint products and varied and complicated application techniques, paint Is no longer a staple at hardware stores or linked together with glass. Large box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's still carry paint and some sundries, but even here the selection of paint is limited to a few brands. This is appropriate for the typical homeowner because he is only painting the interior or exterior of his home. But if he does want a specialty product, the Large Box store doesn’t carry it or only has an inexpensive and easy to apply alternative. This means the specialty product will not perform like the real one.

When a potential customer asks us the question, “Can you paint concrete?” or “How do you stain concrete?” or “Why can’t you paint a roof?”, they are asking questions that have very technical answers in regarding options involving products and application. A painting professional that is an industrial painting service may give you a different answer simply because he has a greater knowledge of and access to additional products and techniques than a residential painting contractor. While a residential contractor can supply a customer with a lot of house painting tips and can help you with exterior house painting ideas like painting colors, his niche is not specialty coatings. What the industry calls specialty coatings involves things like the coating of pipes, floors, tanks, steel structures, concrete structures, or waterproofing to name a few. Even a painting professional that specializes in industrial painting services frequently needs the advice of a manufacturer’s representative to explain the particular properties of a new product and how it is to be applied to perform to its potential. And generally newer products perform better than the older ones because of the advances of science and the study of how the older products performed.

In the end, painting contractors usually focus on one area of painting that they can comfortably perform and make a decent living. Whether it is new apartment painting, business painting, interior or exterior painting, most painting contractors enjoy being able to perfect their craft by becoming efficient in a few areas of contract painting without trying to master them all. And the best painters will not take on every potential job that present itself but only those they can confidently perform and earn a decent living doing. Be sure to ask a contractor that you have contacted for an estimate if they are knowledgeable and comfortable performing the work you desire. The end result is that you will both be much more satisfied with the end result. If you contact Moorhouse Coating, we will candidly tell you about our experience in the area of your need. We cannot and will not take on work that we cannot confidently perform. Do you have a question about a new product? We would be happy to help

Some of the manufactures we install: 

Sherwin Williams 

PPG Porter Paints



Dunn Edwards

Frazee Paint  Kwal Paint




Vista Paint  


HP Spartacoat

Preparation Equipment we use: 




And too many products to list.........