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Why Caulk or Sealant?

Sealant and caulk serve several purposes. One is to ensure that structures are weather-tight. They are also used to absorb the shock of moisture and thermal-related movement that occur at the gaps between stationary surfaces (joint substrates).

Our Method

Sealant jobs are often done poorly, and a proper job requires enormous attention to detail. To prevent a common sealant error called “three sided adhesion”, Moorhouse use backer rods, joint backings, fillers, and bond break tape to strengthen our sealant jobs.

Choosing an Approach

Ultimately, sealant selection depends upon four general variables: (1) application, (2) anticipated exposure, (3) movement and (4) aesthetic requirements. Our professional team can help you negotiate these factors, and make a decision about the selection that is best for you.

  • Facades
  • Garage Decks
  • Patio and Walk Ways
  • Interior Slab Substrates

  • Stone and Interior Panels
  • Airport Runways