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Surface Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

While many surfaces are long-lasting and resilient, nothing lasts forever. Whether your surfaces suffer damage from natural or human causes, Moorhouse Coating can help you restore them. Our restoration experts can rebuild, refinish or recoat a wide variety of materials to get them looking their best again.

Stone Restoration

Moorhouse Coating is knowledgeable and experienced in stone restoration for all kinds of situations, We can clean, restore, coat and seal many kinds of natural and manufactured stone surfaces. Whether your business is constructed with elements of marble, granite, limestone, travertine onyx or sandstone, Moorhouse has the products and procedures to keep it is good shape.

Glass Restoration

Here in Orange County, there are many hazards to exterior windows and glass storefronts. Whether caused by humans (graffiti, landscaper accidents, etc.) or natural events (sand storms, wind debris, etc.), Moorhouse Coating can help you reverse the damage with our glass restoration products.

Other Repairs & Restoration

From antique wood refinishing to drywall and plaster repair, Moorhouse Coating is ready to rectify the damage and restore an attractive, lasting finish for your commercial or industrial business.