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Commercial & Industrial Painting for Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

In order to present a professional, reliable appearance to your clients, it is important to maintain a clean, fresh, attractive appearance for your buildings and equipment. This especially important for retail stores and other commercial businesses, but it also applies to industrial companies.

Moorhouse Coating is the painting contractor you need to make your business look its best. With our commercial and industrial painting services, you can be assured that your facilities will be painted using the best products and techniques. We offer the highest level of professionalism and results for a very fair price.

Aerial Painting

When it comes to painting retail and industrial buildings, Moorhouse Coating literally goes “above and beyond.” With our aerial painting services, we can paint high-rise condos, church spires, communications equipment, towers and other hard-to-reach architectural features. With a full line of lifting and safety equipment, we are ready for the most challenging aerial painting projects.

Sign Painting

Whether you need a company logo or an informational display, Moorhouse Coating can paint the perfect sign for your business. We work with wall stencils and other techniques to create clean, attractive, long-lasting signs on any surface. Interior or exterior, large or small, Moorhouse Coating will enhance your customers’ experience with our professional sign painting services.

Retail Stores & Shopping Centers

Creating a welcoming, pleasant, customer-friendly environment is a high priority for retail establishments. It is vital to present a clean image, with consistent branding and a pleasing atmosphere. Moorhouse Coating paints stores, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, shopping centers and more. We can work off-hours to prevent disrupting your business, and we always keep a safe, professional, tidy work environment. With Moorhouse Coating, your image is in safe hands.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings & Graffiti Removal

Your business is all about people, but sometimes people aren’t very kind to your business. When it comes to graffiti, prevention is much more effective than remediation. That is why Moorhouse Coating applies anti-graffiti coatings for commercial and industrial businesses. We offer both sacrificial and non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings, depending on the specific needs of your business. We also provide blast-cleaning services for graffiti removal, and we can also quickly repaint affected areas.

Electrostatic Painting

For metal equipment, machinery, railings and other metal items, electrostatic painting is the best high-tech solution for recoating. Moorhouse Coating uses electrostatic painting on many different types of metal objects and surfaces in industrial and commercial settings. The process works by putting a mild electrical charge in the object to be painted, and an opposite charge in the paint particles that are sprayed on. This means that the painted object actually attracts the paint magnetically, resulting in less overspray and in complete coverage. In addition, the paint particles are all like-charged, so they repel each other, providing an evenly dispersed coating. We use electrostatic painting to paint tools, production equipment, metal doors & rails and many other items.

Company Rebranding

When your business needs a breath of freshness and energy, rebranding can be a great solution. In order to do it effectively, however, the changeover needs to be fast and orderly. Moorhouse Coating has the infrastructure to tackle large jobs in a short time, so that you can change your logo, repaint your stores and enhance your image in a way that will impress your customers. With Moorhouse on the job, your image can change overnight, literally!