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Concrete Parking Structures

Moorhouse Coating provide solutions for the care and conservation of concrete parking structures. Concrete depreciates in quality and reliability if it is not routinely maintained. From consultation to installation, we offer the services that you need to keep your concrete structures strong and dependable. Contact us to hear about our full list of services!

Reflective Ceiling Paint to Improve Lighting

Instead of spending more on increasing the total number of lights, consider coating your ceilings with paint that maximizes the light you already have! Park Coat from BASF.

Vehicular Deck Coating

Deck Coatings preserve the concrete surface, and prevent water infiltration to the lower structural levels.  Garages and lots require a great amount of maintenance, and it can be dangerous if the coatings aren't maintained. We install these crucial coatings, which extend the life of the concrete by protecting the concrete surface, as well as the steel reinforcement that hold the entire structure together.  

There are a variety of parking deck coatings available.  Most systems include a sand media that is broadcast into the coating in order to provide a non-slip surface for cars and pedestrians.  Shot Blasting is required to prepare the concrete, and a three coat system is needed to protect the surface in the future. After the expense of a new deck coating, it’s important to maintain the top level of the coating to ensure that it can be replaced at the end of its service life without compromising the integrity of the base coat.

These variables must be negotiated by the kind of highly trained experts that Moorhouse offer. And as always the key to a successful project is the communication between the owners representatives, contractor and manufacturer.

  • Line Striping/ Safety Marking/ Pedestrian Zones
  • Structural Stabilization
  • Active Water Flow Mitigation
  • Ramp Coatings
  • Expansion Joint Systems
  • Crack Repair
  • Concrete Repair and Restoration