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Churches, schools, health care facilities, hospitals, etc.

Painting in Los Angeles area institutional spaces can require a delicate brush. Whether the setting presents college students, priceless antiques, hospital residents, baked goods or vacation bible school troops, you can count on our staff to take the most considerate and efficient approach. Working around residents and other obstacles is part of the job, and we bring the requisite expertise.  As always, on-time-on-budget completion is a Moorhouse hallmark.

  • Interior and exterior painting  
  • Maintenance painting  
  • Staining and varnishing  
  • Painted graphics

  • Faux finishes and window glazing
  • Commercial vinyl wall covering
  • Natural fiber wall covering
  • Cork, tack wall and FRP
  • Plaster restoration
  • Drywall patching and repair  
  • Mold remediation
  • Sealing, waterproofing & caulking

  • Our helpful team is always prepared to give professional advisement as regards color design, new ideas for existing spaces, and recommendations for recurring maintenance problems. Just ask us!