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When it comes to Los Angeles garages and factories, floor performance is usually the primary consideration. However, for showrooms, kitchens, shopping malls and other commercial areas, aesthetics and beauty are of equal importance.

No matter what the venue—elegant or rugged (or both!!)—you’re sure to find the perfect flooring option among our diverse selection. We can help you determine your unique need.  Email or call us!


Can be decorative. Available in a wide range of colors; easy to maintain; and ready for heavy traffic in just one hour. Fast installation.

Epoxies / Novalacs

Great for showrooms and garages. Strong under heavy equipment and traffic. Great durability and resistance when subject to acid and other caustic chemicals. 


Ideal for commercial floors, countertop sealers, kitchens and garage floors. Fast five-hour installation.

Cement Covering

A popular option to cover unsightly or aged concrete. Indoor and outdoor use. Available paper thin or several inches thick. These overlays set within a matter of hours!


Strong resistance against brake fluid or aviation fuel. Great for airports, garages and factories. Rugged.

Polymer Rubbers

Airports, Schools, Hospitals, Cafes and other high traffic areas. Great sound deadening quality. Wide range of color options. Durable and aesthetically pleasing.