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  • Office buildings
  • Churches
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Property Owners Associations
  • Retail Spaces
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Schools and Universities

Let us Handle the Details

Commercial painting projects are complicated and require the training and intelligence that Moorhouse readily offers, especially in a city as architecturally diverse as Los Angeles. Any location in Southern California you will get consistent high quality results, single point of contact, and excellent customer service.   The list of what to consider can be mind-boggling: inventory, equipment, a wide range of application techniques, a variety of paint materials, large labor pools, strict budgets, timely completion and product knowledge only skim the surface of the variables that must be skillfully juggled. Paint is the first item to select, but how do you select what paint product to use?  

Finding the right lead painter and group of painters to perform your project will most likely determine whether the quality of the painting process hold up over time.  

Project types

Moorhouse Coating is a California based commercial painting contractor. On time completion and quality of service our a benchmark of professionalism in the painting projects; Applying the paint and painting is the easiest part of the equation, whether you have a: commercial paint project, national repaint, re-branding, sign painting, special, cool coating requirement, roof coating, coatings, national re branding, tenant improvement, restoration, special coatings, retail, medical, institutional, multi family, hospitality, LEED Paint Project. Moorhouse Coating is the commercial painter under one ownership that will constantly provide high quality service and quality results.

Our Approach

There isn't room for guesswork, which is why Moorhouse approaches your painting project like a science. Our dedicated team will lay out a schedule, including design intent and timeline, to complete the total project. Whatever the challenge may be, our extensive background in paint material application gives us the knowledge to make the right decisions.

If you aren't certain of the product or the process necessary to maintain your building, give us a call and we’ll give you the answers you need.

Application types

Moorhouse Coating is a professional painting contractor with a history of installing high quality architectural paint products.  Over the last 15 years the paint industry has evolved to offer few paint products and more coating   

Specializing in coating product applications: