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Epoxy is typically associated with Epoxy Flooring.  Millions of Garage Floors have been coated in some version of a two part component epoxy product.  Whether it is a polyurethane or modified epoxy, everyone refers to a garage floor as an epoxy coated floor. 

Epoxy Floors are common place in commercial facilities.  Industrial facilities also generally like to finish walls and floors with resin floor systems because they are extremely practical and durable.  The cost associated with installation and material is far less than other covering products.  Within the last 10 years, the options for colors and finishes has become almost as versatile as paint.  With these new colors and aggregate blends they can be made to be quite attractive.  They are easy to clean and maintain and have an overall lower maintenance cost than other flooring and finish products. 

If you are considering an epoxy floor installed in the Los Angeles or Orange county area, then consider our company, Moorhouse Coatings for the following epoxy types:

Abrasion or Impact resistant Epoxy Flooring- Forklift traffic and skids can make for some pretty heavy traffic if you’re loading or unloading trucks and freight.  Consider a concrete densifier first if a solid color isn’t necessary.

Anti-Slip or traction Improvement- Flooring can naturally polish overtime and may become a slip and fall hazard.  Consider shot-blasting first to create a profile and look at the type of traffic that is polishing before considering a floor finish.  Cure and Seal products are notorious for polishing over time and mixed with light oil or detergent can be very dangerous.

Thermal Shock or Heat transfer- If you’re a food processor or a facility that uses steam or hot water every week, you will find that you are applying thermal shock to the substrate and coating each cycle of temperature change.  Certain Epoxies are designed to deal with the rapid change in temperature between the coating and floor or substrate.  The bond between the coating and the substrate will need to be specially prepared.  Many industries use baker’s tile or shock resistant flooring as they haven’t had any success with epoxy, because they were unaware of thermal shock.

Anti-Microbial or Restroom Flooring- Antimicrobial Epoxies can make clean up very easy.  If cleaned with the right chemicals they can improve the look and efficiencies of janitorial work.

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