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One of the attractive aspects to contract painting is the opportunity to constantly be changing and adapting to new environments. Every potential job presents its own set of challenges. Is it a home, business or apartment that needs paint? While home painting can vary, the size and scope of apartment painting can be extremely varied. The contractor has the challenge to both estimate and perform the work if he is awarded the chance. But as he is estimating, he must consider all the variables in the process towards completion. How much preparation is needed? Sanding, grinding, pressure washing, caulking and more has to be anticipated and included in any bid. Will he need ladders, scaffolding or even a man lift? He can’t give someone a price on work until he has completely thought through the entire process. How to estimate a job involves both science, math, experience and intuition. Science and experience come into play when someone asks a question like, “Can you paint a roof?” “What is a substrate made of and what product with both adhere and succeed?” or “How do you paint siding?” can be answered in many ways: spraying and back-rolling or other exterior house painting ideas. All of these options must be addressed when estimating and that is what makes it so important in the painting process. Residential painting, business painting and construction painting are all specific enough to require special estimating skills. To succeed, the typical contractor usually becomes proficient in one area before he moves on to another. In time and with the number of paint projects, estimating becomes more and more accurate and opportunities become solid pathways to painting success. If you would like an free estimate for a painting project, give us a call. We would love the challenge

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