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The Port of Los Angeles (aka the Los Angeles Harbor or WORLDPORT L.A) sits on 7,500 acres of land and water, along 43 miles of waterfront. It's the busiest port in the United States, and one of the busiest in the entire world. Within it, all manner of equipment, storage facilities, containers, and other facilities, needless to say there is a lot of real estate covered for industrial cleaning and coating market.

What we typically see is salt corrosion next to the water with in 2 miles of the coast.  The presence of soluble salts at the metal/paint interface is known to have a detrimental effect on the integrity of most paint systems.  Though this is a problem that has been around for generations, it has received greater attention from the protective coating industry recently.  The problem exists during new coating and some existing coating where the presence of salts are not removed prior to painting or coating application.  We commonly see osmotic blisters on the paint/coating and underfilm corrosion of the metal substrates induced by the presence of soluble salts at the metal/paint interface.

Recently we visited a project where abrasive methods were used to clean steel, but the corrosion was present within one year of the recoat.  We found the pH level of the steel to be below 5 at the surface level.  Which may have meant the the pH was even lower at the coating level.  This was an extreme environment, but maybe the removal of salt prior to coating would have prevented such early failure.  Remember, Soluble Salts aren't necessarily visible. In fact most of the time nothing can be seen.


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