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Many commercial and industrial businesses have a need for line striping. It could be for parking structures, safety striping for manufacturing facilities, or commercial equipment paths, amongst others. Whatever the particular need, a professional commercial and industrial painting contractor should be well-acquainted with this flooring service, and have the equipment and expertise to pull it off.  

As many of these facilities—especially in the manufacturing sector—simply cannot be shut down during the day to accommodate line stripe painting, they will need to have the service performed during off hours, or on holidays and weekends. Moorhouse Coating's management team and painters are happy to be flexible with scheduling. 

Another thing to consider is government regulation. This sort of thing is nothing new for paint contractors, or anyone in the construction industry; but, business owners and facility managers should discuss with contractors how the line markings need to appear. There is no sense in arbitrarily painting the lines, because if the line's aren't up to code, you'll be repainting them. 

If the areas are heavily-trafficked, it might be necessary to grind the surface and then apply a couple of coats of epoxy to make sure the line markings last. Otherwise, regular re-application might be a necessity. That said, given the right application, lines can stay down for up to eight years. 

If you have any questions on line striping, give Moorhouse Coating a call or email us.  


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