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If you're fortunate enough to have a beach home, you probably paid a price to get there. There is definitely a price to keep the home in the new condition it deserves.  Painting frequently and often is part of the expense.

The weather is always mild and the sea breeze can be relaxing and mesmerizing. As I drive the coast line there is always something under construction.  I'm immediately drawn to the sunset and afternoon warmth of the sand.  But, as a corrosion specialist I'm always seeing deterioration and salt and sun damage.  How could I relax with all this work surrounding me!  Maybe that's why I spend the weekends in the Desert.

Sun ( UV enhanced damage )  

Salt Spray ( Acid Attack ) 

It's important to keep a home clean and remove soluble salts and residue.  It's important to paint frequently on a schedule to catch the early signs of deterioration.

Color also plays an important role when protecting steel and metal finishes.  Don't be afraid of using color, but recognize that color will wash and fade and if the color is slightly tinted to begin with it will be easy to touch up or correct in small areas if damage has occurred. I'm usually looking for the latest colors and then adding a small amount of white to the color (tinting).  This will allow for UV damage in waterborne finishes to match.

I prefer bright yellows, cool blues and greens with a spice of red.   

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