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 It is foolish to wait to repaint a structure until you see damage to the siding or stucco.   While most property owners repaint for appearance, it's important to remember that paint's primary value is in its function of waterproofing, protecting and preserving a structure.  By the time many call a painting contractor, there is amble evidence of damage and extra repair that needs to be done before painting.

Waiting to recoat for an additional season or two can cost just as much in the long run.  For now you spend time and money to address areas where paint is failing, cracking, or chipping.  In the long run, nothing is really saved by waiting to paint until it shows.

If you are not sure, a professional painting contractor will advise you.  He will let you know when to repaint before it is obvious to everyone that the old coat is failing.  Painting contractors have extensive experience with paint and can tell when  it is time to recoat.  Again, the time to repaint is not when the existing coating has completely failed, but rather when a painting contractor sees evidence of chalking, fading or lightly cracking.  

For some larger industrial painting or commercial painting accounts, we address specific areas every year and rather than waiting for an area to look shoddy, the complex is kept looking fresh, clean and new all the time.  If you are waiting until your home or business looks like it needs to be repainted, you have waited too long.   Not sure when . . . then give us a call.  Let us help

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